Monthly Archives: July 2008

For Lack of a Better Title, a General Update

It’s been a while since I’ve paused to write about what’s been happening in my life. I’m twenty-five years old, still optimistic about things, and a bit uneasy about how fast time has been passing by. I’ve been going with the flow, being materially preoccupied with my business, trying to have fun in conventional New York twentysomething ways with my friends, and occasionally taking a few minutes on the subway platform trying to “reflect” (while forgetting about it all just moments later). Things are comfortable, and it scares me sometimes.

Melanie will be back tomorrow from a two-week trip to Costa Rica. Her absence made me realize what a lazy bum I’ve been, or better put, what a great and caring girlfriend she’s been. True, there’s less clutter around the living room (Mel likes to leave books and papers lying around), but it was no easy task keeping the kitchen clean (dishes, putting stuff away, wiping down the counter, organizing the fridge) and going through the full process of doing the laundry (collecting, washing, drying, folding, etc.), activities in which I usually took a supporting role. I even kept her plants alive with consistent watering which pleases me and would make my grandma proud.

I also cooked the rare dinner for myself. I made enough pasta sauce to last me for several days. Using Italian sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, Italian pepper, and various herbs, I made a thick and hearty sauce that served me well for five meals (3 dinners and 2 lunches). I have to admit – it’ll be a while before I’ll really crave a tomato-based sauce again.

It’s been nice having interns this summer. We have Pierce and Cindi, two Columbia students who’ve done wonderful work in bringing The Gobbl Feed to life. Although their pay is pretty low (but better than nothing!) and Gobbl itself has a lot of growing to do, I think both of them are learning a lot and, for the most part, enjoying the work assigned to them. I’ve always felt that a strong internship is one that makes you want to do more, not so much to impress people and to look good, but because there’s something you’d like to prove about yourself, to see if you’re up to the task or at least to learn what it’ll take to get things done. In other words, a learning experience that encourages independence. I hope that point is getting across to our interns.

A few other things I’d like to jot down and remember later on:
– Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: it can make you realize that writing is no joke and what a mix of imagination and strong research and do for a story
– Another memorably pleasant trip to Long Beach Island
– Getting excited about Mad Men Season 2 and re-watching Season 1

What I do for a good chunk of my waking hours.