A Long But Fast Week, Briefly Noted

It was an eventful week, so I’ll list a few things, not in any particular order.

*PK Cinema. I know my updates are already infrequent for this blog, PK Eats, and other projects, but after watching a number of movies in the past few weeks, I felt like I could enjoy them so much more if I had an exclusive space to write my thoughts on them. So a separate blog to store my ramblings on movies. Yet another addition to my mini-empire of self-indulgence.

* No Child… is a one-woman play about a public school in the Bronx starring Nilaja Sun. This is one powerful and moving performance about the inadequacies of public education in New York’s most neglected region. (Read New York Mag review)

* I managed to fall asleep for only 15 minutes at my first opera – La Traviata at The Met Opera. It was great to see that the tenor singing the part of Alfredo Germont was the Korean opera singer Wookyung Kim. The demographics were largely old white people and a bunch of Asians. Melanie and I overhead an old white woman ask an old Asian woman if she “knew” the tenor (we’re sitting way back in the Orchestra section), to which the answer was an obvious “no.” Although the intention was probably innocent, I was slightly annoyed by the white lady’s tone which seemed to imply that being Asian somehow made the Asian woman seem closer to the only Asian performer on stage. Excuse me old white lady, do you know the soprano? She’s white and so are you… hope I don’t sound like an angry yellow boy.

* Barrel launched a redesigned website for Cents Ability, a nonprofit we’ve worked with since November 2005. The changes were subtle in that we kept the structure and colors intact, but the graphics and content organization have drastically improved. It’s nice to see that we’ve learned a thing or two about making websites since our first try.

* Our Barrel business cards are going to look hot. We sent them to production on Tuesday and they’ll be ready next week. Who knew die cuts and blind embosses could be so sexy? And an exciting piece of Barrel news: we’ll be designing a website for author Saira Rao, whose debut novel Chambermaid will come out in June. Lawyers and law school friends, pre-order this book!

* Andy and I were able to get in some outdoor basketball action before tonight’s snow. Cardio exercise has largely been absent in my life since sophomore year of college, so I’ll take whatever opportunity I can to run and jump around. We play on Astoria Blvd. with the Tri-boro Bridge in clear view and have become accustomed to hoops with no nets.

* I’ll be puppysitting these two doggies for Esther in late March. Check this super adorable video of these two shi tzu pups.

Sunday was a very peaceful day, but I find it a bit frustrating that there’s never enough time to read many of the articles in the NY Times Sunday Magazine. The only piece I had time to read was about the dangerous risks of being too muscular. Not that I was ever super-muscular, but I’m a bit relieved that my routine has been more about pull-ups and situps rather than heavy weights. And the occasional yoga on my blue Nike yoga mat.

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