Can You Spot the Typo?

Some of you may receive something in the mail from me in the next few days — if not before Christmas, then definitely within the next week. I tried my best to double-check, but I know that right as the “thing” went to print, I spotted an egregious typo. There might be other typos I’m not aware of, but if you can spot the typo I’m thinking about and email me, I’ll send you a prize* by mail. Since I’m feeling mighty generous this holiday season, I’ll send a prize to the first three people who spot the typo. Seriously, the typo drove me nuts for an entire day.

I’m in Atlanta (Lawrenceville to be exact) for the week visiting my family. Since downtown is about 20 minutes away, I’m hanging at my parent’s house spending most of my time at the dining table. Atlanta Botanical Garden was very nice, but out here in Lawrenceville, it feels like such a suburban desert. More on the A-T-L experience later.

* sorry, I haven’t made up my mind entirely about it, so the prize will have to be a secret for now

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