Tomorrow – or in about seven hours – my life will change. Goodbye finance. Hello new life.

It’s been a long work week, my mind elsewhere and not much work to do since I passed on my responsibilities to others.

I spent my time surfing the web and doing things usually not allowed at work:

* Skobee is a new web service that offers an alternative to Evite. Try using it for your next party.

* BillMonk is a great way to track shared bills, rent, and your borrowed/lent items online. We started using it for our cable and electricity bills, and I used it for this Korean drama DVD that I let Pam borrow.

* Two years ago, I wrote a story called Seven Hundred Thirty Letters. I revised it at work while using ALT-Tab to hide my work whenever co-workers walked by.

* I read this Paul Auster story – “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story” – and learned that it was the basis for his screenplay for Smoke. I added Smoke to my queue on Netflix.

* I made lunch reservations for JoJo on Saturday with Graceface. In the evening, I will eat at Houston’s with Sergey and Jeremy and watch Avenue Q. Excitement!

* I read up on the 25 greatest Calvin & Hobbes Strips and got all nostalgic in my cubicle. I used to have a huge collection of C&H books in my bathroom when I was a kid and read it every time I had to poop.

* I took long lunch breaks at Duke Cafe two days in a row. I had their soon dubu jigae the first time and an avocado BLT today. I’ll have to make my own sandwiches going forward.

So my life, which consisted largely of bonds, loans, Moody’s ratings, spreads, defaults, waterfalls, prepayments, offering memorandums, marketing books, warehouse agreements, breakevens, and other CDO-related things, will quickly turn into websites, logos, typefaces, paperback fiction, and lots of activity not confined to the desk. There is, of course, the inevitable tinge of sadness which comes with leaving something so familiar and secure, but I’ll keep in touch with my co-workers and cherish the moments of shared Seamless Web dinners, late-night mini-hoop contests, and dorky jokes about the credit rating of third world countries.

Well, I still do have to go in and break the news to my MD…

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