drove for miles and miles

two months later
and she’s a floor above
but it’s the same density
and unchanged hues:
cluttered, pink.

the sheets are striped
red green yellow on white.
christmas lights all around
but it’s falling on the right.

i can’t help notice the dressers
and the drawers that don’t close.
everything is overflowing
and the desk space nonexistent.

i take a mental picture
but i’m already used to it.
it’s almost to the point
where i’m fond of the mess.

we play catch
but with looks and silences
most of them awkward
so i switch to gossip.

but you can only back-talk
somebody for so long,
so it’s back to zero decibel
but i’m still having fun.

oh and did you know?
finally a mayer song worthy
of those ears so picky,
and boy, am i glowing.

a handshake and a long look
probably all on my own face
but there’s something there,
i hope i’m not a fool.

3 thoughts on “drove for miles and miles

  1. sarahh

    heyooo. nice poetry. no poetry class needed.. why have structure when free verse lets it all out, right-o?

  2. Ken

    i heard you were a tree hugging firefighter who beat a traffic jam your firefighter friends got stuck in on your bike to rescue a pretty girl and you both made out while still in the smokey building and then passed out together except instead of a building it was two floors above you and instead of a pretty girl it’s whoever you’re talking about in this poem.

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