Let’s Get Visual: Working at Home

After 3+ years of updating this blog, I’ve decided to finally include photographs as part of my posts. Why? A few reasons: a) I was having trouble coming up with interesting things to write about – my most recent posts have been a bit whiny; b) I got a new digital camera (the Canon SD1000 – fits perfectly in my pocket); c) visual aid is an easy way to write about things; and d) I want to become a better photographer.

I worked from home today because the water at the office was scheduled to be shut off the whole day. Where there is no working toilet, I find it nearly impossible to work – and I did not like the prospect of walking to Starbucks each time nature called. Working from home, which saves about 30 minutes of commute, afforded me the opportunity to make myself a luxurious breakfast (1). I sauteed baby portobella mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in olive oil and had whole wheat toast with fig jam. I also brewed some coffee I bought from Grab, a gourmet specialty shop on 7th Ave (5). I love a good breakfast, and I was inspired to take this pic after seeing this collection of breakfast photos and the people who eat them.

After getting some work done – I’m usually more productive when alone – I called Kiku Sushi to order some lunch just before 3PM, when the lunch menu expires and dinner prices go into effect. I got myself the two roll special, opting for spicy crunchy salmon and the eel cucumber rolls. On my way back, I saw the storefront for Greenjeans, a small crafts shop that I had read about on Iridesco’s Hear, Hear site (interview article here). The store looked very tiny, and I was tempted to check it out, but I was starved, so I decided to check it out another day. The stuff they sell look really nice, but they’re very pricey.

While walking, I had a great time just shooting photos of the neighborhood (most came out blurry or washed out – I need to get better at taking pics on the move). A large bird feeder (6) caught my attention because its sun-drenched red transported me momentarily to somewhere very rural, like a farm in the Midwest. I took a snapshot of this corner of 7th Ave and 15th Street (5) because I’ve frequented the wine store, Slope Cellars, a few times, got my coffee from Grab, and tried the lamb kebab sandwich from Laila the other day (it sucked). An action packed block for sure, and just two short avenues from our apartment (4), which doesn’t look too pretty sitting on top of Blockbuster, but it gets good sunlight – maybe a bit too much.

For dinner, Melanie cooked up a delicious turkey chili (3). I went across the street to the grocery store to pick up some cheddar cheese and scallions. There’s still a big pot of it left, and I’m tempted to have some at 1:39AM, but I shouldn’t, since I forgot to work out earlier tonight. It’s actually great to see all the things I ate today – I think it was a pretty healthy day overall, although the midday beer I had with the sushi roll lunch was probably unnecessary.

Working at home is nice, but I appreciate the fact that it’s an option rather than the only resort. I’ll be back at the office tomorrow since the water is back on, but it’s great to know that there’s a very fluid mobility to getting work done – it almost makes me want to pack my bags and travel around the world while doing work on the side. But for the moment, I am content with two very comfortable and familiar environments where I can get things done.

How does it feel with photos?

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