polaroids of the post-grad life

it’s been eleven days since i moved out of my East Campus dorm at Columbia, and i must say, i do miss it quite a bit. even the feeling of overdue papers and dingy dorm room seem desirable than this state of flux when i’m not quite sure what the next few months hold for me. all i can do is think and act incrementally, hoping the resulting whole takes the shape of a period in my life i can look back on and not regret as having been those few wasteful months after college and before work. snapshots from the life in the past eleven days:

favorite home dish: kimchi jigae with pork ribs

currently reading: When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro

disappointment: not catching any fish on the camping trip to Bass River State Park; but had lots of fun memorial day weekend with mung, kayle, jay j., twins, reggie, and wook

countdown: just two more days until the end of my stay at the NFL; received a Cross watch as a going-away gift

missing: various people, butler reading room, checking mail in lerner, Starbucks daily, M2M, the long ass walk to and from EC

hate: the annoying commute from Edison to NYC, especially during rush hour; can’t wait to move into 420 W 42nd St. on June 15th – highrise, baby

wonder: should i have traveled and gone away for a few weeks/a month? what am i missing out on and will i come to regret it?

foodie: rosa mexicano, carnegie deli, le madeleine, casa mono, john street bar & grill

promises: operation get-in-shape, make a short film, write a story, learn finance, be nicer to people

forgettable moment: being yelled at by mom in front of wook (weaksauce)

misc.: blue jun choi for edison mayor signs on front lawns, romantic scenes in star wars (and how they suck hardcore), repeat drives to PA along route 1 (and that flowery big house destination)

i went for the montage effect. you can imagine each one as an image and then the corresponding word written over it in some contrasting color. well, i can’t say i feel satisfied, but at this point, i can’t say i’m discontented either. the end-of-may cocktail? two parts uncertainty, two parts nostalgia, and a dash of happiness. don’t forget the mint leaf.

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