the pink and the green

a metro lets me know
“pink and green are in”
and sports a pastel polo.

i’m no better with trends,
i find myself in a store
buying cotton dress shirts
and ties of these colors.

it’s only sixty-five degrees outdoors
but girls wear skirts and shirts
green on top pink on bottom
or the other way around.

makes me wonder where they got it,
a scheme that seems to celebrate spring,
compelling a certain consciousness
to visit the nearest chain retailer.

my school is based around a single walkway
lined up with trees and plots of grass.
for a brief moment in late april
the flowering cherry trees remind us
that the city appreciates nature, too.

it was evening and i was walking home
when the lamp reflected its light
on the falling petals of the blossoms.
i looked up and saw the green leaves
supporting the colony of pink bunches.

One thought on “the pink and the green

  1. jigga

    pink and green may be “in” for spring but i still think orange is the best color in the world. fo sho fo sho
    in the summer..u’ll see oranges on the trees…appreciate that!

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