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sometimes listing things out is the best way to measure who you are.


I love magazines. Many glossy pages are wasted in printing colorful ads that my mind hardly registers, but every now and then, there are some very inspiring articles, photos, and designs that makes up-front yearly payments very worth it.

I’ve been on a subscription binge lately, trying to get a piece of every interesting magazine out there. Here’s a list of my magazine subscriptions:

The New Yorker – finally, I don’t have to waste my laser toner
Time Out New York – this is actually Melanie’s subscription, but I eagerly wait for it weekly

HOW Magazine – expensive and too many ads, but a great resource for everything design-related
The Believer Magazine – a Dave Eggers creation; looks nice, not much of a read
Monocle – a truly internationally-minded magazine that is nearly perfect from cover to cover
Wired Magazine – how ill-timed was their cover, which came out the same week as the shooting?
Portfolio – have yet to receive an issue, but read through some articles online; Michael Lewis supposedly gets $12 a word for his two yearly articles

McSweeney’s – not really a magazine since it’s so funky; not really a journal either
Theme Magazine – a favorite of mine: Asian/Asian American art, fashion, lifestyle, and design
Topic Magazine – non-fiction adventures in finely designed format

I’ve been tempted to subscribe to Dwell Magazine as well as some other design mags like Communication Arts, Step, ID Magazine, and Colors, but getting through the magazines I already get and the blogs I read daily are tough enough. Information overload is a problem more and more people face each day. Although…. I probably should consider getting a men’s lifestyle magazine – something along the lines of GQ or Esquire – to add some masculinity to my rather soft line-up. Any suggestions besides the porn and the lad mags?

Following Up

Things seem back to normal now that the traveling has ceased.

Photos from San Diego and Spain are available for consumption on pk photo albums.

San Diego was very relaxing and incredibly beautiful. Wook and I drove up to Los Angeles to meet up with Mung. We later met up with John Jung on his turf in West Hollywood. “GAMeboy” – could you figure out what it means? KASCON21 workshop at UCSD went well, although we liked the Princeton audience and setup better.

Spain with Melanie was very pleasant, although Madrid could have been warmer. The city was a pretty and interesting place to walk around. I took the “company” Canon EOS 10D SLR camera and snapped away 800 shots, only to come up with a few dozen decent, non-blurry ones. Wook says he should’ve taught me to use F-stop. The food in Madrid wasn’t that great – not sure if my expectations were too high or we just didn’t know the best spots. Walking through the Prado Musuem with Mel was great. We saw El Greco, Velasquez, Reubens, and Goya among others, and I actually remembered studying a few of them during my few alert moments in Art Hum in college. The touristy highlight of the trip was our visit to Segovia, about 2 hours by Renfe train from Madrid. Segovia is a very old town situated high up in a mountainous region. It is know for the majestic Cathedral of Segovia, the castle Alcazar that inspired the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland, and the Roman acqueducts that frame the entrance of the town. I must have mistakenly called Alcazar “Alcatraz” – how stupid.

I was very pleased to finish David Mamet’s On Directing Film and Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love on the plane ride back from Madrid. I highly recommend both – the first for its clarity and no-nonsense advice about storytelling through films and the latter for its high-intensity drama from start to finish – even more so than Atonement, I thought. Enduring Love was adapted into a movie that starred Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) as Joe, the science journalist who is the object of another man’s obsession. I am guessing that the movie didn’t stay completely loyal to the novel since Joe is described as very big, clumsy, and seriously balding.

And this past weekend was the return of Entourage on HBO. Brandon, Andy, Mel, and I celebrated with sam gyup ssal, beer, and lots of kimchi as we watched a brand new Sopranos and then the premiere of Entourage Season Three. Didn’t realize that its creator Doug Ellin was a Brit. The next several Sunday nights are booked – will keep travel limited for at least the next few months.

A List So I Can Remember How Time Flew By Recently

Hillman Curtis on Creating Short Films for the Web by Hillman Curtis (see his stuff here)
Puppies (cleaning poop and pee for five days)
Island Cafe & Lounge (two blocks from my apt.)
Securing the blind emboss on biz cards
Meetings with clients in small diners/coffeeshops/Thai joints
Rats by Robert Sullivan
Kilian’s Irish Red
Trying to claim SkyMiles from Delta
Feeling special about a discount subscription rate from The New Yorker
Entering contacts into Highrise
This American Life, First Episode on Showtime
McSweeney’s No. 22 (magentic binding – cool)
The Believer 42nd Issue
Wondering when I’ll ever watch Flags of Our Fathers from Netflix, which has gathered dust for the past month.

Bonus – upcoming things that make me seem cosmopolitan:
San Diego for three nights to give a workshop at a conference
Madrid, Spain with a teacher on break for four nights
Taking days off to attend Tribeca Film Festival