I love magazines. Many glossy pages are wasted in printing colorful ads that my mind hardly registers, but every now and then, there are some very inspiring articles, photos, and designs that makes up-front yearly payments very worth it.

I’ve been on a subscription binge lately, trying to get a piece of every interesting magazine out there. Here’s a list of my magazine subscriptions:

The New Yorker – finally, I don’t have to waste my laser toner
Time Out New York – this is actually Melanie’s subscription, but I eagerly wait for it weekly

HOW Magazine – expensive and too many ads, but a great resource for everything design-related
The Believer Magazine – a Dave Eggers creation; looks nice, not much of a read
Monocle – a truly internationally-minded magazine that is nearly perfect from cover to cover
Wired Magazine – how ill-timed was their cover, which came out the same week as the shooting?
Portfolio – have yet to receive an issue, but read through some articles online; Michael Lewis supposedly gets $12 a word for his two yearly articles

McSweeney’s – not really a magazine since it’s so funky; not really a journal either
Theme Magazine – a favorite of mine: Asian/Asian American art, fashion, lifestyle, and design
Topic Magazine – non-fiction adventures in finely designed format

I’ve been tempted to subscribe to Dwell Magazine as well as some other design mags like Communication Arts, Step, ID Magazine, and Colors, but getting through the magazines I already get and the blogs I read daily are tough enough. Information overload is a problem more and more people face each day. Although…. I probably should consider getting a men’s lifestyle magazine – something along the lines of GQ or Esquire – to add some masculinity to my rather soft line-up. Any suggestions besides the porn and the lad mags?

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  1. Sol

    I’ve been into New York Magazine, nice weekly dose of pseudo intellectualism/real estate/gossip/crossword puzzle, new york style.

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