switching into summer gear

this is my first time in an apple store [in soho, corner of prince and greene]… seiwook needed to exchange his itrip [a neat device that lets ipod use fm radio to play on a radio, most useful when you’re driving your car and want to play mp3s on your car speakers]… we stopped by my parents’ store just before to develop a bunch of photos for the last of the campuspix customers… it’s going to be sad when my parents finally turn the store over and i can no longer go there when i need photos developed or some food from my parents… it was actually a sad/nostalgic moment when i replaced the matte paper magazine in the darkroom for what probably is the last time… goodbye 69 cooper sq.

this screen i’m looking at is a huge 23 inch LCD monitor that professionals use to edit video… i love how this store lets you browse the internet on their computers and experience the apple world in a personal way… and i must say, all these equipment do look beautiful… but at this time, i think my dell hardware suits me (and my wallet) just fine.

i think i’m going to stop by crate&barrel next and pick up a metal spoon and a fork.. and maybe a knife too. my broadway dorm [#707] is huge (although too rectangular) and i think i’ll be doing some cooking with the extra summer time. speaking of which – i love summer. i woke up before 9am today to go play basketball with albert – 9am! – with a whole lot of stuff coming up, i guess anticipation is the watchword – HBA Reunion II, Columbia College Alumni Reunion Weekend, NFL, daily exercises, weekend trips, KSA Culture Show preparations, web projects, short novel writing, California, camping, and of course lots and lots of iced Starbucks — i’ll have to keep it americano instead of latte to save the extra buck.

watch out for my “summer novel” entries – it will be a pseudo-fiction short novel – 10 installments – which will hopefully be my first complete story effort. time to check up on some c&b goods!


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